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Providing Better Breakroom Solutions

Micro Markets • Vending • Coffee • Water • Locally Made Food

Local Handmade Food
in your break room

Deli-matic delivers to our Micro-markets and vending customers handmade food items which are prepared fresh daily. Our kitchen staff takes great pride in hand crafting the food items that are delivered to your break room by your professional salesperson

Micro-Market in a Companies Break Room


Micro-Markets replace your current break room vending machines with a self service convenience store. A great product mix combined with our great food makes for a great break room experience for you

Vending Machines in a Break Room

Vending Service

Deli-Matic provides state of the art vending machines, all equipped with credit card readers that accept all mobile payments.  

Coffee Cups with Coffee Beans

Coffee and Water Service

Deli-matic office coffee and water service has a solution for you. No matter your budget, we can develop a program to keep your employees hydrated, caffeinated and happy. 

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