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Where is our food made?


Our food is proudly made in Salem, Virginia and is delivered to our customers in Salem, Roanoke, Blacksburg, Martinsville and surrounding area's. Our kitchen staff and route salesman work hard to ensure that our food is prepared and in your break room quickly to ensure the freshest possible product available.

Our product menu consist of over 300 items from fresh fruits and salads to deluxe deli sandwiches and burgers, and of course we still have classic staples like our home made tuna, chicken, and egg salad on white bread.

Why do we make our own food for our micro-markets and vending machines?

The idea started years ago when the owner and his wife decided that they could make better food than they could buy. We prefer to have control over our ingredients and products, which allows us to make great food and respond to requests from our customers.

This separates us from other vending companies in our industry because most do not make their own food locally, and have to rely on having it made out of state and shipped in on trucks only a few times a week.


What are the benefits?


The obvious benefit of partnering with a Micro-Market and Vending company that makes their own food is the freshness and quality of the products being offered. 

Another benefit is that we can customize and fill request in your break room faster, since we control our own products and ingredients.

Lastly with our menu consisting of over 300 items you will see a consistent rotation of fresh food with a wide variety of options available. 

What is Deli-Matic's service area?

Our current service area included the below localities and any area in the near and immediate vicinity of them:

  • Blacksburg, VA

  • Christiansburg, VA

  • Salem, VA

  • Roanoke, VA

  • Botetourt, VA

  • Rocky Mount, VA

  • Martinsville, VA

  • Pulaski, VA

  • Lynchburg, VA

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